B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology Question Papers JULY-2022

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B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology Question Papers JULY-2022

PTU B.Sc. in Radiotherapy Technology Question Paper for Download  July – 2022

Download question Papers Semester wise:-


Semester wise subject code with subject name 


2nd Semester

  • EVS 102-18   Environmental Science —-Download 
  • BSOT 201-19 Human Anatomy Physiology-II —-Download 
  • BSRT 201-19  Radiographic Anatomy —-Download 
  • BSRT 202-19  Basic Radiation Physics —-Download 
  • BSRT 205-19  Basic Computer and Information Science –—Download 
  • BSRT 206-19  Communication and Soft Skills —-Download 


4th Semester

  • BSRT 401-19 Oncology Science II —-Download 
  • BSRT 402-19 Principles of Radiotherapy Planning and Techniques —-Download 
  • BSRT 403-19  Radiation Quantities, Units and Detection/Measurement—-Download
  • BSRT 407-19 Biological Effects of Radiation —-Download 
  • BSRT 408-19 Radiation Safety —-Download
  • BSRT 409-19 Mould Room and Motion Management Techniques —-Download


6th Semester

  • BSRT 601-19 Nuclear Medicine, Imaging Techniques in Radiotherapy Planning- —Download 
  • BSRT 602-19 Clinical Radiobiology —-Download 
  • BSRT 603-19 Quality assurance in Radiotherapy —-Download 
  • BSRT 607-19 Management of Radiotherapy Equipment and Shielding of all Critical Organs Including Genitals —-Download 
  • BSRT 608-19 Radiation Protection and Monitoring—-Download 
  • BSRT Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery —-Download