Job Satisfaction


Job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is amount of pleasure or contentment associated with job. If you like your job intensely the person will experience high job satisfaction. It is person’s attitude toward the job.

Job satisfaction is the amount of overall positive effect or the feelings that an individual has towards the job.- Feldman and Arnold

Job satisfaction has great impact on productivity, absenteeism and employee turnover. If a person is not satisfied with the job in any context like rewards or supervision, productivity will be reduced. Also the employee may tend to avoid going to work or leave the job.

Determinants of the Job satisfaction:

Nature of job: Job satisfaction is closely related to nature of job. If a person has aptitude required for job he would like the job otherwise there would be no attraction towards job. There would be less productivity and contribution towards the organization. It is essential for a manager to select employees according to the intellect of the employee.

Nature of Supervision: The supervision style also affects the degree of job satisfaction in the employee. If the style of supervision is employee centered and supervisor looks after the employees carefully and in friendly manner it will have positive effect on the job satisfaction of the employee. The supervisor who is least bothered about employees and gives more importance to production the employee would be less satisfied.

Working conditions: Job satisfaction is associated with working conditions too. Good working condition means availability of required amenities, proper light and temperature etc. If the working conditions are pleasant to the tasks given to the employees, the workers will work happily.

Proper reward system: The proper compensation or financial reward system is essential for employee satisfaction in context to job. Money is the primary motive related to the job. If the salary is not appropriate or not fair this would affect the job satisfaction negatively. When pay is according to the skills acquired by the employee and according to the job demand, satisfaction would be the result ultimately.

Development Opportunities: If the organisation provides opportunities for the development of employees, the workers will always contribute according the expectation of the organisation. Adequate promotion opportunities will enhance the morale of employees and he would be satisfied. Higher responsibilities, authority and status would lead to the higher job satisfaction.