MCQ on Forest and Wildlife Resources:

CBSE 10th Class MCQ CBSE Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) CBSE NCERT 10th Class MCQ on Geography

MCQ on Forest and Wildlife Resources:

 1- Which part of north India belongs to the Lepcha folk song?

(A) West Bengal

(B) Manipur

(C) Assam

(D) Mizoram


2- …………….is the immensely rich in wildlife, cultivated species, diverse in form and function but closely related to multiple network of interdependencies.

(A) Biodiversity

(B) Natural resources

(C) Conservation resources

(D) None of the above


3- What percentage of India is covered with forest and trees?

(A) 14.4 %

(B) 24.16 %

(C) 34.16 %

(D) 44.16 %


4- According to state of forest report, dense forest covers an area of ………..and open forest cover…………..

(A) 12.2% and 10.4 %

(B) 9.14 %and 12.2 %

(C) 12.2% and 9.14 %

(D) None of the above


5- What is the full form of IUCN?

(A) All India for union Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

(B) Indian Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

(C) Integrated Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

(D) International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources


6- …………………..are those species whose population levels are considered to be normal for their survival such as cattle, rodents, Sal, Pine.

(A) Endemic species

(B) Normal species

(C) Extinct species

(D)None of the above


7- Black buck Crocodile, India wild ass, India Rhino, Sangai are examples of ………………species whose life are in danger of extinction and their survival is difficult and negative factors lead to a decline in their population.

(A) Rare species

(B)Endangered species

(C) Normal species

(D) None of the above


8- …………. are species whose population has declined to level from where it is and likely to move into endangered species.

(A) Normal Species

(B) Rare species

(C) Vulnerable species

(D) Endangered species


9- Blue sheep, Asiatic elephant, Gangetic dolphin etc are examples comes under which species?

(A) Endangered species

(B) Endemic species

(C)  Rare species

(D) Vulnerable Species


10- Species with small population may move into endangered or vulnerable species due to effect of negative factor are known as…………………

(A) Rare Species

(B) Endangered species

(C) Vulnerable species

(D) Extinct Species



1-(A), 2-(A), 3-(B), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(A)