Thermodynamic Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Thermodynamic Systems:

Thermodynamic System: It is that part of the universe which is under consideration. There are following types of thermodynamics systems.

  • Open system: In this types of system the transfer of energy as well as the mass takes place between the system and the surroundings. eg. Air compressor.
  • Closed system: In closed system there is no transfer of mass across the boundary but the transfer of energy may take place between the system and the surroundings. eg. Piston-cylinder arrangement.
  • Isolated system: This system is completely isolated from their environment. In this system neither the energy nor the mass is transferred between system and the surroundings takes place. eg. Fluid contained in a thermos flask.

Surroundings: Space or matter outside of a thermodynamic system is called surroundings or environment.

Boundary: The envelope which separates the thermodynamic system and surroundings is called boundary.

Universe: The system and the surroundings together form a universe