Essentials of effective planning


Essentials of effective planning/ planning process:

The main function of marketing is to enhance the managerial effectiveness. “Marketing planning is the most essential practice management engages in”, as put by Prof. David J. Rachman. Planning is nothing more than a formalization of different options available. In recent times, planning has become more formalized and a well recognized process. A planning process should have the following characteristics.

1-It is simple: The planning procedure planned ought to be simple. The organisation should create the simplest process that is in accordance to the firm’s objectives. The planned programme works, only when the manager is able of using it with undue pressures of day to day work and proper training. It is necessary to keep the planning process simple. However, too mush simplicity should not ruin the method of produce effect.

2-It is practical: The planning process is likely to be practical. Any planning process is considered as practical when every executive experience positive result by the executing the programme. If it is expected to benefit only top management at higher levels, the juniors may show unwilling compliance very frequently followed by useless bitterness even for the average manager. The marketing manager has to build up a practical process and should give basic and requisite information with it.

3-It is selective and adaptive: The planning process must be so easy to understand and adaptable that all the mangers are able to do work accordingly. The plan should be according to the needs and should not force the user to exercise it more than what he needs- particularly in his functional area so that others distinct areas of planning of each manager are  synchronized and secured.

4-It is flexible: The planning process must not be rigid and should be so flexible that it should be feasible to change any section of planning easily with less cost if required. If any plan has to be changed, plans and planning process should provide this least flexibility, it would not be effect the whole process of business. Computerization or automation of planning process is excellent step in this direction.

5-It is precise: Marketing planning must be precise in terms of objectives and goals though deal good of erroneousness overcomes. In fact there is much in the future that cannot be predicted with accuracy and more the fire goes beyond the less accurate the far distanced future becomes. Though there are three ways of expressing the expected result namely, general, specific and dynamically way of expression marks it possible to state it precisely so that can be recognized measurement of possible deviation.

6-It has reliable information: Good and effective planning involves a continue effort of gathering and communicating reliable information. The future guess is neither a forecast nor a prediction but a provisional supposition with accuracy. The planner must have regular ‘feed- back ‘of information so that he may alter and refines the analysis or projected view whenever there is major divergence.

7-It is synthesizing and synchronizing: It is expected from a good planning process that it helps in co-ordination and supports all type of plans i.e. short and long term, logistic, tactical and corporate-financial and non-financial. In broader term there should be ideal synchronization and synthesization of functions; personnel, recruitment and training and all other alike. If it does not support and co-ordinate all the sub-functions or related functions in the area, there would be increase in company expenses in terms of time, man-hours, confusion, confrontation, offense and frustration.

8-It is motivating: The planning process to be effective, need the smart and excited support of the executive faculty. It supports people to contribute provided they are motivated. Any well designed and executed planning process enhances employee morale as it provides basic motivating factors;

a. It encourages real sense participation.

b. It reduces anxiety by converting the sharing information and effective communication.

c. It gives security to their place in the organisation.

d. It gives complete idea about the right way to get the objectives achieved.

9-Less paper-work: A viable planning is one that completes the work with least administrative work. The planning ought not to be recorded as a hard copy. Such planning implies least measure of paper work, improved human relations and improved communication. The paper work can be decreased to the base by following conversations and out lining; give the data simply required don’t unfurl everything; evade duplicate data by giving normal data from the basic source.

10-It has a direction: To get the best outcome, there ought to be a head of planning who doesn’t design but regulates and checks it regarding how it is functioning and how it should function. He ought to be subject matter expert. To guarantee effective execution, the capability of such an expert can be-coordinated, character of knowledge, innovativeness and good instinct, getting a charge out of astounding relational abilities, having preparing in ideas standards strategies and practice of preparation. Over all he ought to have uncertain time, free from diverting pressing factors and obligations with the goal that he can give the whole an ideal opportunity for effective arranging.