Scope of Marketing


Scope of Marketing or Tasks of Marketing:

Marketing is task of promotion selling and delivering the products and services to the target customers according to their needs and demand. Marketing involves ten types of tasks as follows.

Goods: goods means the items that are related to the daily need needs like food shelter and clothes and other instruments such as luxury products. Companies produce and market many food products, cars electronic items, metal items, fridges etc.

Services: Activities of various business organizations these days are based on the providing service to different customers. These services can be classified in economic and non-economic services. These services may be of kind that needs much professionalized skills or one that is unskilled.

Events:  Organizing various kinds of events is major task of marketing and promotion of product. These events are trade shows, sports events, fashion shows or star nights. Highly professional skills are required to hold these events for the grand success.

Experiences: Marketing people generate stage and market experiences by making various arrangements. Promotion is also done by providing unique and different experiences to the customers. Essell world, Disney land,   water kingdom, camping and trekking gives tremendous experience to the customers.

Persons: Attracting customers towards the product by using celebrities as brand ambassador of the company is very common these days. Celebrity marketing is also growing business these days. So people are involved in marketing of these persons and it is very much in trend today. All popular personalities like film stars, doctors and lawyers hire marketing people for them.

Places: For attracting industries, investors, tourists or professionals, cities, states and countries use place marketing by organizing different events or by giving some extra advantages to them. Place marketers are usually real estate companies and builders. The tourism ministry of states is also assertively promoting tourist spots locally and globally.

Properties: Properties are intangible rights of possession of both real property (real estate) and monetary property (shares and bonds). Properties are offered and sold, and this activities marketing attempt with the aid of using property agents (for property) and financial agencies and banks (for securities).

Organizations: Organizations actively work for constructing a positive picture in the thoughts of publics. Philips, the Dutch electronics company, advertises with the tag line, “Let’s Make Things Better.” The Body Shop and Ben & Jerry’s win interest with the using promotion of social causes. Universities, museums, and arts companies enhance their public image to race effectively for audiences and funds.

Information: The manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of statistics is certainly considered one among society’s essential industries. Among the marketers of statistics are faculties and universities; publishers of encyclopedias, reference books, and specialized magazines; makers of CDs; and Web sites.

Ideas: Every marketplace presenting has a simple concept at its heart. In essence, services and products are structures for handing over a few concept or advantage to fulfill a basic need. Social marketers widely promote ideas. Maruti Udyog Limited promotes good ideas like safe driving habits; need to wear seat belts etc.