Sukhna lake

Sukhna lake:

This man made 3 square kilometer rainfall lake created in 1958 is a seasonal stream coming from the foothills of Shivalik range. This lake is one of the greatest gifts from Le Carbusier (French Architect) & P.L.Verma (Chief Engineer). Migratory birds from Siberia also come here. This lake has been declared as protected national wetland.

The evenings are full of life at Sukhna with tourists and families coming here for enjoying an evening stroll and some for following an exercise regime. The lake is surrounded by golf course to its south and the famous Rock garden to the west. Sukhna is a favorite spot for bird watchers, photographers and painters capture the scenic beauty.

There is a Cafe run by Chandigarh Tourism Department and has a full length water house. Many celebrations are held here which are conducted by Tourism Department.   

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