Tapi river

  • Tapi is also known as Tapti river. It is one of the important westward flowing river in India.
  • Tapi is river of Central India and it flows between the Godavari and the Narmada.
  • It flows from east to west.
  • Total length of this river is 724 kilometers.
  • Tapi rises in the Satpura ranges in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh The location is also known as Multai.
  • This river flows in a rift valley parallel to the Narmada but it is much shorter in length.
  • After flowing through Maharashtra it enters Gujarat where its mouth is near Surat.
  • After Surat it is crossed by magdalla, ONGC bridge.
  • Total catchment area of this river is 65,145 square kilometers.
  • It’s basin cover 79% parts of Maharashtra, 15% parts of Madhya Pradesh, and the remaining 6% in Gujarat.
  • Principal tributaries of this river are Girna, Purna, Panzara, Bori, Waghur and Aner.
  • The main West flowing rivers are Sabarmati, Mahi, Bharathpuzha and Pariyar.

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