Neolithic Age or  New Stone Age 


Neolithic age or  New Stone Age 

  • Neolithic age is a food producing age.
  • The Neolithic Phase is also known as New Stone Age.
  • In northern India, the Neolithic age emerged around c.8000- 6000 BCE.
  • In some parts of southern and eastern India Neolithic age emerged around 1000 BCE.
  • Subsistence of this age is agriculture, livestock rearing complemented with hunting and gathering.
  • V. Gordon Childe termed the Neolithic age as Neolithic Revolution.
  • This is the phase of important changes in man’s socio economic life.
  • Sharp and polished Neolithic tools are used in this phase to cultivate the soil and grew fruits and corn like raagi and horse gram.
  • The people in Neolithic phase started domesticating of cattle, sheep and goat.
  • The people started innovation in the production of stone tools such as polished, pecked and ground stone tools.
  • Other objects are also found from the Neolithic sites such as needles, scrapers, borers, pendants, bangles, and earrings.
  •  The people of Neolithic site led a more settled life. They started living in rectangular and circular houses made of mud and reed.
  • They knew how to make boats and could spin cotton, wool and weave cloth.
  • The division of labour was based on sex and age.
  • They use the complex and developed language.
  • In Burzahom site – a special of rectangular chopper and domestic dogs buried with their masters in graves.
  • In Maski, Brahmagiri and Piklihal sites – Proof of cattle herding are found from these sites.
  • In Gufkaral of Jammu and Kashmir – pit dwelling and graveyards located within household.
  • Earliest evidences of wheat cultivation are found from Mehrgarh (present day Pakistan)
  • Earliest evidences of Rice cultivation are found from Koldihwa.
  • Earliest evidences of use of pottery found from Chopan Mando.
  • Important Neolithic sites:
Name of Site Name of state
1. Burzahom In Jammu and Kashmir
2. Gufkral In Jammu and Kashmir
3. Maski, Piklihal, Takkalakota and Brahmagiri In Karnataka
4. Budihal In Karnataka
5. Paiyampalli In Tami Nadu
6. Koldihwa and Mahagar In South of Allahabad
7. Mehrgarh In Breadbasket of Baluchistan, Province of Pakistan
8. Chopani Mando in Belan valley
9. Koldihwa In BellanValley
10. Chirand In Bihar
11. Utnur, Nagarjundakonda, Budihal, In Andhra Pradesh
12. Amri, Kot, Diji In Sind of Punjab (present day Pakistan)
13. Garo Hills In Meghalaya
14. Saraikhola Near Taxia on Potwar Plateau