B.Tech all courses 5th and 6th semester question papers held in January 2023

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 B.Tech all courses 5th and 6th semester question papers held in January 2023

Download B. Tech 5th and 6th semester question papers subject code wise

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5th Semester


BTAM 500 Mathematics – III ————–Download



BTCS 501 Computer Networks-II ———-Download

BTCS 501-18 Database Management System——-Download

BTCS 502-18 Formal Language and Automata Theory———Download

BTCS 503-18 Software Engineering——-Download

BTCS 504-18 Computer Networks———Download

BTCS 510-18 Programming in Python——Download

BTCS 520-18 Web Technologies——–Download



BTEC 501-18 Analog and Digital Communication ——–Download

BTEC 502 Digital Signal Processing——–Download

BTEC 502-18 Digital Signal Processing ——–Download

BTEC 503-18 Linear Integrated Circuit——–Download

BTEC 504-18 Control Systems———Download

BTEC 905A-18 Routing and Switching———–Download

BTEC 905D-18 Programming in Java——–Download



BTES 501-18 Enterprises Resources Planning ———Download



BTIT 501-18 Formal Language and Automata Theory———Download

BTIT 503-18 Programming in Java———-Download

BTIT 504-18 Software Engineering———Download

BTIT 509-18 Cyber Laws and IPR——-Download



BTME 501 Designs of Machine Elements-I————-Download

BTME 501-18 Heat Transfer————Download

BTME 502 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing——-Download

BTME 502-18 Design of Machine Elements———-Download

BTME 503 Mechanical Measurements and Metrology—–Download

BTME 503-18 Manufacturing Processes——-Download

BTME 504-18 Management and Engineering Economics—–Download

BTME 505 Automobile Engineering———-Download



BTMS-YYY-18 Project management——–Download


6th Semester


BTEC 602-18 Optical Fibres and Communications——Download

BTEC 906D-18 C# and .NET Programming———Download



BTCS 402-18 Operating System ———Download

BTCS 504-18 Computer Network ———-Download

BTCS 601 Simulation and Modeling ——–Download

BTCS 601-18 Compiler Design ——–Download

BTCS 602 RDBMS-II ————–Download

BTCS 602-18 Artificial Intelligence———-Download

BTCS 603 Software Engineering———-Download

BTCS 612-18 Cloud Computing———–Download

BTCS 618-18 Machine Learning———–Download

BTCS 620-18 Mobile Application Development———Download



BTEC 601 Microwaves and Radar Engineering———Download

BTEC 601-18 Wireless Communication———-Download

BTEC 602 Wireless Communication Systems——–Download

BTEC 603-18 Microwaves and Antenna Engineering———Download



BTIT 601-18 Big Data———-Download

BTIT 602-18 Web Technologies———-Download

BTIT 608-18 Machine Learning———–Download

BTIT 609-18 Agile Software Development——–Download

BTIT 610-18 Cryptography and Network Security——Download

BTIT 613-18 Cloud Computing———Download



BTME 601-18 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning——–Download

BTME 602 Heat Transfer——-Download

BTME 602-18 Mechanical Measurement and Meterology——-Download

BTME 603 Fluid Machinery ——-Download

BTME 603-18 Automobile Engineering———– Download

BTME 604-18 Introduction to Industrial Management——Download

BTME 613-18 Compute Aided Design———-Download

BTME 615-18 Non Conventional Energy Resources—–Download



DE/ME – 2.0 Non Traditional Machining———–Download